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With a vision to become a number one company in the sector automotive aftermarket garage equipment business TRINITY SALES AND SERVICES spear headed by a young entrepreneur along with a team of extraordinary talented team started its journey in the year 2002 by only providing services for the garage equipment’s which were sold by different manufacturers to company’s like MARUTI, TATA, HONDA, MERCEDES, BMW HYUNDAI ETC. This gave the company a very strong and sturdy foundation which helped the company to gain customer confidence and faith. After providing technical services to the customers and getting very good experience of the business related to garage equipment’s, company decided to do introduce its own brand of equipment’s under the brand name AUTO-ONE. In the year 2005 company started manufacturing and importing of many aftermarket garage equipment’s which are sold under the brand AUTO-ONE. Company Trinity sales and services acquired a special place in the market of garage equipment’s, due to its high quality, sturdiness and value for money to its customers. Over the period of over a decade AUTO-ONE now manufactures and import equipment’s like Wheel aligners, wheel balancers, Tyre changers, Nitrogen generators, car lifts, car washers, car care chemicals, paint booths, car scanners, key making machines, foam generators, washing lifts, tilt mini lifts, dent pullers, mig welding, puc machines, 4gas analyser, diesel smoke meters etc.. These above equipment’s are supplied to many major brands like Maruti, Tata, Falcon, Bridgestone, Goodyear , Mahindra , PUC centres, BPCL, Indian oil and many multi brand workshops use AUTO-ONE equipment’s all over India. Policy We at AUTO-ONE thrive continuously to provide the auto industry with newest technology in garage equipment’s along with value for money products. For us customer is a priority and a lesson board where we learn continuously to improvise in our products and services and due to this we derive our moto as … “INSPIRING AUTOWORLD’’.

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Car washing machine from autoone is one of best affordable make in india product. Made with best in industry pump and motor this pressure washer competes with  best of the best high pressure washer available internationally . The washer is a direct drive machine where pump is fitted directly to the motor, it has features like the total stop function, and supplied with foam bottle trigger gun and many more.
Call9833268605 or write to for more details.
Car washing machine from autoone is one of best affordable make in india product. Made with best in industry pump and motor this pressure washer competes with best of the best high pressure washer available internationally . The washer is a direct drive machine where pump is fitted directly to the motor, it has features like the total stop function, and supplied with foam bottle trigger gun and many more. Call9833268605 or write to for more details.
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G-Scan Multi Car Scanners
G-Scan Multi Car Scanners INR 0 INR 0 Code: 0001 A truly accurate and reliable G-SCAN scan tool you can trust T touch Screen and Keypad ,User-friendly design operating on both intuitive touch-screen and familiar key strokes. Dual CPU ,Equipped with 2 CPUs working together to maximize the processing speed CAN Enabled Onboard ,Latest CAN-bus communication protocols enabled on-board. No external module required. Dual CPU for greater performance Your time should not be wasted for start-up and software loading. G-scan is designed to provide fast boot up, quick response and high speed performance by adopting a dual CPU system, which guarantees your readiness for prompt and timely service to your customers. Data log and quick feedback support Log the actual bi-directional data transmission between the G-scan and the vehicle control modules and transmit it to GIT by email or through internet. The logged data will be analyzed by the GIT engineers who will try to give feedback by providing the debugged software in next 24 hours. Touch Screen and Hard Key Combo Touch screen interface offers greater user experience of easy and intuitive operation of the diagnostic functions. At the same time, considering the greasy and dusty workshop environment. G-scan is fitted with 12 hard keys that do the functions without having to touch the screen. Rechargeable Battery A rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery is included as the basic supply in any optional kit. Besides the possibility to use the G-scan without an external power supply for hours, it also enables the advanced diagnostic functions that need to crank the engine. Longevity The hardware design incorporates the latest technologies needed for all known communication protocols including CAN-Bus. No external module or separate CAN adapter is required. Up to 4 GB SO Card Memory The most widely used storage solution is adopted. The storage capability of up to 4 GB sufficiently accommodates entire software applications virtually needed for all brands around the globe economically and efficiently. Color TFT LCD High definition 5.6" 16:9 scale TFT LCD screen provides great readability, crisp data reading and accurate touch screen operations. Convenience Screen capture and quick note Simply capture the screen any time and add your quick hand written notes on the screen. It can be saved and reloaded for your future reference. Quick Test: Automatic System Search "System Search" function checks all the possible systems in the car automatically and report the number of fault codes found and availability of special functions of each detected system. self-test function In case of continued diagnostic function failure or abnormal operation, self-test function identifies the G-scan base unit has internal hardware problem or not. No more hassles for finding the model codes or engine codes. Simply select the diagnostic adapter type from the menu, then select the system to test and go. Specification CPU : ARM 9 (400MHz)& ARM 9 (266 MHz) Dual CPU External Memory : 2 GB Ã���Ã��Ã�¢Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½ SD Card ( Maximum 4 GB) Operating Temperature: 0~ 450C ( When charging ) / 0~ 500C ( When using) Display : 5.6Ã���Ã��Ã�¢Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½Ã��Ã�¯Ã��Ã�¿Ã��Ã�½ TFT LCD ( 480 x 234) True 1493871181
Diagnostics Car Scanners
Diagnostics Car Scanners INR 0 INR 0 Item Code: X431-Diagun We are a leading name engaged in offering an unparalleled range of Diagnostics Car Scanner. These diagnostics car scanners are developed using highly advanced machines and sophisticated technology that are controlled by our deft personnel. In addition to this, our proficient quality controllers ensure to test the entire range stringently utilizing innovative techniques, so as to ensure its compliance with the international quality norms. Features: Compact main unit- Standard equipment for technicians The only diagnostic tool which can work on two vehicles at the same time Blue tooth technology, wireless communication. 100 m blue-tooth communication, cable communication support Universal 16 PIN connector Fully inherited diagnostic functions from X-431. Capable of nearly all domestic vehicle makes and Asian, European and American vehicle makes Greatly improved program running speed More convenient software update 4.3 inch high luminance, high resolution color touch screen 1530 mAh rechargeable battery 1G memory card Standard USB printer connector, external printer support Specifications: Operating system: WIN CE 5.0 CPU: 400 MHz ARM9 Memory card: 1G TF card Main unit: Universal serial bus/USB Main unit power: DC5V X-431 dia gun connector: DC 12 V/24 V Printer interface: USB Display screen: 480X272, 4.3-inch LCD with touch screen Rechargeable battery: 1530 mAh Bluetooth: Theoretically 100m, suggest 15-20m Upgrading interface: USB True 1493871181
Autologic Scanners
Autologic Scanners INR 0 INR 0 Item Code: Scanner Our firm is a leading organization, which is engaged in offering an extensive range of Auto-Logic Scanner. These auto logic render independent garages with a dealer-level diagnostic solution for specialist brands and are termed as a holistic approach to diagnose the vehicle for independent garages. This range possess dealer-level software, which is blended with unrivaled technical support. Additionally, this range possess auto-logic solutions that enable the independent garages to provide service and repair work, without any external help. Features: Information is exhibited on a vast touch-sensitive screen via an easy menu structure, aided by extensive help screen Auto-logic renders full coverage of all modules for each brand Easy download from the user login Auto-logic has brand specific master technicians to assist customers Auto-logic performance tuning: The performance tuning capability of auto-logic refers to optimization of a vehicle for power and economy along with rendering an additional revenue stream for garages General performance tunes brochure Auto-logic performance tunes are suitable modified with respect to the manufacturers' vehicle tune data This set of modification is downloaded from the auto-logic unit to the vehicles' engine control module (ECM) via the on-board diagnostics connector Performance tunes enhance software is offered for downloading direct from the user area of the auto-logic website and functions easily on the existing auto-logic platform True 1493871181
Launch X431 Master
Launch X431 Master INR 0 INR 0 Item Code: Launch X 431 Master Performance/ Speed: The X431 Master is now a whole unit (permanently connected) means the communication time between Smart box and main unit is reduced. Appearance: The X431 Master has a new designed and cover made from high quality materials to stand in a new market. Connector: The X431 Master has a new connector to replace all CAN Bus and OBD Connector called OBDII 16E connector. Specifications : Operating System: LINUX Memory: 16M CF Card: 5I2M Main Unit I/O: Universal Serial Bus /Standard Parallel port Main Unit Voltage: DCI2V / 24V Main Unit Power: approximately 9W Printer: Thermal mini-printer Display Screen: 240X320 LCD with touch screen and back lit Components: Main unit, Smart Box and Mini Printer Ambient temperature: 0-50? Relative Humidity: <90% feature:="" performance="" speed:="" the="" x431="" master="" is="" now="" a="" whole="" unit="" (permanently="" connected)="" means="" the="" communication="" time="" between="" smart="" box="" and="" main="" unit="" is="" reduced.="" appearance:="" the="" x431="" master="" has="" a="" new="" designed="" and="" cover="" made="" from="" high="" quality="" materials="" to="" stand="" in="" a="" new="" market.="" connector:="" the="" x431="" master="" has="" a="" new="" connector="" to="" replace="" all="" can="" bus="" and="" obd="" connector="" called="" obdii="" 16e="" connector.="" specifications="" operating="" system:="" linux="" memory:="" 16m="" cf="" card:="" 5i2m="" main="" unit="" i/o:="" universal="" serial="" bus="" tandard="" parallel="" port="" main="" unit="" voltage:="" dci2v="" 24v="" main="" unit="" power:="" approximately="" 9w="" printer:="" thermal="" mini-printer="" display="" screen:="" 240x320="" lcd="" with="" touch="" screen="" and="" backlit="" components:="" main="" unit,="" smartbox="" and="" miniprinter="" ambient="" temperature:="" 0-50?="" relative="" humidity:=""><90% launch="" x431="" diagun="" feature="" compact="" main="" unit="" -standard="" equipment="" for="" technicians="" the="" only="" diagnostic="" tool="" which="" can="" work="" on="" two="" vehicles="" at="" the="" same="" time="" bluetooth="" technology,="" wireless="" communication.="" 100="" m="" bluetooth="" communication,="" cable="" communication="" support="" universal="" 16pin="" connector="" fully="" inherited="" diagnostic="" functions="" from="" x-431.="" capable="" of="" nearly="" all="" domestic="" vehicle="" makes="" and="" asian,="" european,="" american="" vehicle="" makes.="" greatly="" improved="" program="" running="" speed="" more="" convenient="" software="" update="" 4.3="" inch="" high="" luminance,="" high="" resolution="" color="" touch="" screen="" i530mah="" rechargeable="" batter="" standard="" usb="" printer="" connector,="" external="" printer=""> True 1493871182
Computerized Wheel Alignment
Computerized Wheel Alignment INR 0 INR 0 Item Code: AOE-750 Computerized Wheel Alignment (Bluetooth) Autoone presents (AOE - 750), Wireless Computerised Wheel Alignment System, with DUAL DISPLAY and Rolling Run-Out to facilitate the technician to view the Alignment Readings easily and take Run-Out of Wheel without Jacking-Up the Vehicle. Features : Windows XP Operating System. Dual Display Units. Rolling Run-Out of Wheels. Vehicle Specification - 30 years. Customer Management System. Multi-Language Support. Vehicle specification write program. Voice Announcement. Human - based design, easy & simple to handle. Integrated HELP system. 3-D Animations. Custom Database Back-up. Mutliple Printer format. Multiple unit of measure. E-ZToe. Total Jack-up (2-post lift useable) Camber Jack-up. Frozen Caster & SAI. Shim function. Special Features Fully Aluminium Body-Light in Weight - RUST FREE. Special Sensors with LCD Display available in all four Sensors. Technical Specification Measurement 8 Sensor type Sensor Gravity & PSD Sensor with Height Quality Analysis Communication Wireless (Bluetooth-RF Type) Power Supply 220V Single Phase 60hz 400W Measuring Head Power Supply 6V/3V Battery life after recharging Minimum of six hours in case of wireless type Measurement analysis Toe 0.1 mm Camber 0.01° Caster 0.01° Max. Caster swing Toe-in/Toe-out angle 18" Measurement Range Partial Toe ±3° Overall Toe ±6° Camber ±15° Caster ±30" King Pin ±30" Thrust, Set-Back Angle ±3° Wheel size range 12"~ 17" Wheel size range (Optional) 12"-21" True 1493871182
Engine Scanner and Analyzer
Engine Scanner and Analyzer INR 0 INR 0 Gscan 2 GSCAN 2 Engine scanner with Engine Analyzer Features Gscan 2 incorporates Triple cpu high performance structure designed for fast boot up and high performance by adopting 3cpus dedicated to computing,communication and measurement for each Gscan2 has 7"sunlight readable LCD,1024*600 LCD ensures striking readability with striking graphical display of diagnostic data and information Stupendous technology in wireless communication where Scan has inbuilt Wi-Fi adaptor which can be communicated to the pc instantly for real-time interface and also for direct orientation. Best in class memory space with 16gb where the entire software can accommodate with ease Rechargeable batteries with 2100mah li-ion battery supplies power to scan for 1hr with ant external source. Gscan2 uses latest windows operating system like smart phone style for better networking and enhanced security at the same time. GScan 2Designed with robust material for workshop environment Gscan2 Can make direct connection for trucks and buses Gscan2 inherits same diagnostics features that of scan Gscan2 has the features of standby mode for minimum power consumption when not in use and can be started with a small touch. Triple CPU High Performance Structure Designed for fast boot-up and high performance by adopting 3 CPUs dedicated to computing, communication and measurement for each 7� Sunlight Readable LCD 7� high resolution 1024 X 600 LCD ensures striking readability with striking graphical display of diagnostic data and information. Wireless Connectivity TG-scan2 can access to the internet and utilize smart update*, quick feedback system, real-time PC interface, and direct printing** 16 GB SD Card memory The most widely used storage solution is applied. 16 GB SD Card sufficiently accommodates entire software applications and data Rechargeable Battery 2100mAh Li-ion battery supplies power to G-scan2 for more than an hour under full load condition without external source Win CE 6.0 Operating System Latest Windows CE 6.0 provides improved smart phone style user interface, better networking and enhanced system security at the same time Solid and rigid design Designed to be used in the tough workshop environment. Check out the 4-point fastening main DLC and the 13 tactile keys 2V Commercial Vehicles Support Asian commercial vehicles diagnosis is G-scan2 unique specialty. Make direct connection to the 24V system of buses and trucks Diagnostic S/W Fully Compatible with G-scan Sharing the same communication platform with G-scan, G-scan2 inherits G-scan�s outstanding diagnostic capability and performance Zero Second Boot-up For quick boot-up. G-scan2 supports Stand-by*** mode. Press the power button, and G-scan2 wakes up and gets ready for use instantly *Smart update If access to internet through WiFi network is allowed, G-scan2 connects to the GIT server through the internet, monitors the availability of updates and downloads to keep its software up to date ** Direct printing If the G-scan2 is connected to the same network with the PC where the PC Utility program is installed, G-scan2 can print the current screen display or saved screen captures through the PC�s network printer. *** Stand-by mode A short press of the power key while operating puts G-scan2 into the Stand-by mode hibernating with the minimum power consumption, and G-scan2 wakes up instantly by a short press of the power key or by touching the screen. True 1493871182
Hydraulic Two Post Hoist
Hydraulic Two Post Hoist INR 0 INR 0 Item Code: Tritech TH-090 Our clients can avail from us a wide range of Hydraulic Two Post Hoist . These hydraulic two post hoists are widely acclaimed in the industry, owing to their features, such as low maintenance, robust construction & optimum performance. Along with this, hydraulic two post hoist offered by us are acknowledged by the customers for their safe usage and simple operations. Features of this range is cited as below: Features: Longer functional life Compact Size Reliability True 1493871183
Gas Analyser
Gas Analyser INR 0 INR 0 Item Code: HG540 Prominent & Leading Importer and Manufacturer from Thane, we offer ARAI APPROVED PUC Machines including 4 Gas Analyzers and Diesel Smoke Meter. Features: NDIR Detector measures CO/CO2/HC, and electro chemical sensor measures O2, NOx OIML Class I & Bar 90 compliant Uniquely designed bench, Patented in Korea, Chinese Patent pending Fast Warming up : Less than 5 min. Response time : 4~5 sec. (more than 90%), Leakage check HC Residual Check Self Diagnosis Fuel Selectable Specification: Measure Range (Resolution) CO : 0 ~ 10.000% (0.001%) CO2 : 0 ~ 20.00% (0.01%) HC : 1 ~ 15,000ppm (1ppm) O2 : 0 ~ 25.00% (0.01%) NOx : 0 ~ 5000ppm (1ppm)( optional) Lamda() : 0.500~2.000 (0.001) AFR : 7.35 ~ 29.40 (0.01) Repeatability : Less than Operational Temperature : 0 ~ 40 Size:270(w)(d)170(h)mm Wt. 4.7Kg(Main), 1.2Kg(Accessory). Power : 110/220V AC 50/60Hz True 1493871184
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