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With a vision to become a number one company in the sector automotive aftermarket garage equipment business TRINITY SALES AND SERVICES spear headed by a young entrepreneur along with a team of extraordinary talented team started its journey in the year 2002 by only providing services for the garage equipment’s which were sold by different manufacturers to company’s like MARUTI, TATA, HONDA, MERCEDES, BMW HYUNDAI ETC. This gave the company a very strong and sturdy foundation which helped the company to gain customer confidence and faith. After providing technical services to the customers and getting very good experience of the business related to garage equipment’s, company decided to do introduce its own brand of equipment’s under the brand name AUTO-ONE. In the year 2005 company started manufacturing and importing of many aftermarket garage equipment’s which are sold under the brand AUTO-ONE. Company Trinity sales and services acquired a special place in the market of garage equipment’s, due to its high quality, sturdiness and value for money to its customers. Over the period of over a decade AUTO-ONE now manufactures and import equipment’s like Wheel aligners, wheel balancers, Tyre changers, Nitrogen generators, car lifts, car washers, car care chemicals, paint booths, car scanners, key making machines, foam generators, washing lifts, tilt mini lifts, dent pullers, mig welding, puc machines, 4gas analyser, diesel smoke meters etc.. These above equipment’s are supplied to many major brands like Maruti, Tata, Falcon, Bridgestone, Goodyear , Mahindra , PUC centres, BPCL, Indian oil and many multi brand workshops use AUTO-ONE equipment’s all over India. Policy We at AUTO-ONE thrive continuously to provide the auto industry with newest technology in garage equipment’s along with value for money products. For us customer is a priority and a lesson board where we learn continuously to improvise in our products and services and due to this we derive our moto as … “INSPIRING AUTOWORLD’’.

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4 Gas Analyser. PUC Machines 4 Gas Analyzer Model HG 540( ARAI APPROVED) OIML CLASS 0 & I Compliant! Acceleration Simulation Mode Test available.
4 Gas Analyser. PUC Machines 4 Gas Analyzer Model HG 540( ARAI APPROVED) OIML CLASS 0 & I Compliant! Acceleration Simulation Mode Test available.
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CCD COMPUTERISED WHEEL ALIGNER INR 390000 INR 390000 CCD WHEEL ALIGNER model exact200/400 Computerized ccd (closed coupled device) Wheel aligner which we manufacture/ export has come a very long way in the technology of vehicle wheel alignment. Our ccd wheel alignment is still in demand in market even after advent of 3d wheel aligners due to its robust and sturdy design and all environment usability. This machine uses infrared sensor and emitter for TOE calculations and uses 3600 lines of ccd 8 beam infrared optical sensors from Finland. It also uses 8 camber caster inclinometers which are digitally accurate for highest results. This ccd wheel alignment comes in wireless radio frequency technology for communication. The sensors of these ccd wheel aligner comprises of LCD displays on the sensors heads which shows toe camber readings in real time. This function is very useful during power cuts especially in rural place. These sensors have chargeable interchangeable batteries which have a very longer life. This ccd wheel alignment comes with 2 head and 4 head options and comprises of a very strong and sturdy software to cater latest vehicles. Standard accessories comprise of sensor heads, turntable, brake lock, steering lock, computer pc, communication module, optional printer. specification Technical parameters: Parameters Front wheel accuracy Front wheel deviation. Rear wheel accuracy Rear wheel deviation Toe ±0.02 ±20° ±0.02 ±20° Camber ±0.02 ±15° ±0.02 ±15° SAI ±0.02 ±26° x x Caster ±0.02 ±26° x x Thrust angle x x ±0.02 ±5° True 1489815999
3D WHEEL ALIGNER INR 510000 INR 510000 We manufacture/export one of the outstanding quality innovation in 3d computerised wheel alignment machine. This machine is made with outmost accuracy and precision to give accurate results in the wheel alignment process. 3d alignment made by us is a value for money machine to its users. Wheel Aligner Model Exact 3d is made with precision Japanese industrial camera which is capable of taking rapid three dimensional images of the car with greatest accuracy and precision. These cameras work efficiently with the help of high intensity infrared LED lights and are 140 in numbers at each camera, this helps the camera to take the images in even sunlight, this also helps the camera to work accurately unlike other brands which uses 40 to 80 LED per camera. The supply to the camera is directly given from the motherboard USB, this arrangement nullifies the chances of camera getting defected due to power issues unlike in other brands the supply is given directly from the power supply which makes the camera vulnerable to damages and heavy expenses is incured. This 3d aligner uses heavy duty unbreakable reflectors on the 4 wheels of the vehicle. Software used is user friendly which can be even mastered by a non-computer literate. Hence very easy to use machine. This alignment comes with all standard accessories parts like turntables, brake lock, steering lock, computer PC, horizontal beam, vertical beam, 4 set of front and rear reflectors. Optional: Printer. specification Technical parameters: Parameters Front wheel accuracy Front wheel deviation. Rear wheel accuracy Rear wheel deviation Toe ±0.02 ±20° ±0.02 ±20° Camber ±0.02 ±15° ±0.02 ±15° SAI ±0.02 ±26° x X Caster ±0.02 ±26° x X Thrust angle x x ±0.02 ±5° True 1489815666
TRUCK WHEEL ALIGNMENT INR 550000 INR 550000 TRUCK WHEEL ALIGNER MODEL :EXACT2000H/4000H The truck wheel alignment machine or hcv wheel aligner of AUTO ONE has come a very long way in development in technology. This truck wheel alignment machine uses the same ccd technology which is used in EXACT200/400 Hence this makes the truck wheel alignment machine very reliable with highest accuracy. The computerised Wheel alignment machine comes with 2 head and 4 heads options along with all necessary accessories needed for the hcv wheel alignment. specification Technical parameters: Parameters Front wheel accuracy Front wheel deviation. Rear wheel accuracy Rear wheel deviation Toe ±0.02 ±40° ±0.02 ±40° Camber ±0.02 ±30° ±0.02 ±30° SAI ±0.02 ±52° x x Caster ±0.02 ±52° x x Thrust angle x x ±0.02 ±10° True 1490971513
WHEEL BALANCER INR 95000 INR 95000 Wheel Balancer( Digital). Model: digibal100 Auto one takes great pride in supplying its client with most reliable products in auto industry. The car wheel balancer is one such product which is manufactured using material which are best known to be highly reliable and most accurate. And can be used to balance any car rims along with mag wheels. Wheel balancer digital100 had two display which are clearly readable, this display shows readings of inner weight and outer weight together with a accuracy of 1 gm. This balancer has hood with switch that makes the balancer auto start, along with this function it also has an auto stop which stops the rotation of the tyre once the weight is displayed. More over auto one wheel balancer is upgradable to two-wheeler balancing machine with using a simple attachment Specifications: Rim diameter 10-24’’ Weight 65kg Max wheel diameter :1000mm Max Rim width: 1.5-20’’ Rpm :200 Accuracy = +_ 1 gram Motor: 0.25kw Phase: single phase.230v True 1490971698
PRESSURE WASHER JET INR 120000 INR 120000 Pressure Washers We make pressure washers with pumps which are heavy duty and large in sizes as these high-pressure washers which are made with heavy duty pumps have longer life and durability and can be used for any cleaning Jobs. We make our own motors to drive these high-pressure pumps since conventional motors are made to do all kinds of job a motor can do, whereas our motor is specialized in doing the job to produce heavy and steady water pressure. These pressure pumps are installed on a heavy-duty metal frame for steady working pressure. Our high-pressure washers come with a total stop cut off function along with starter and an input filter. A 10mtere high pressure delivery hose is attached to a 40-degree nozzle lance with a 360-degree moving trigger gun for comfortable washing. All in all our pressure washer is a complete definition of a high pressure washers available. High pressure washers made by us comes in different pressure ranges for different applications, we also do customization of the high-pressure washers as per client’s requirements from car washing to industrial cleanings these pressure washers will be handy to do its job efficiently. True 1491139997
DIESEL SMOKE METER INR 165000 INR 165000 PUC MACHINE Diesel Smoke meter AVS100 We manufacture and export best in class diesel smoke meter as per indian Govt cmvr rules and it is ARAI approved . taking forward the make in India project this machine is indigenously made by our R & D department. It uses a gas chamber which measure the density of smoke in percentage and k value using best in class tachometer and oil temperature meter. Diesel Smoke Meter Model - AVS100 Portable Design OIML Class ‘0’ Compliant High Quality Indigenous Product Battery / Vibration RPM Measurement Specifications Principal Attenuation of Light Beam Smoke Cell 215 mm Measurement Range HSU : 0 to 99.9 % K : 0 to 15.0 m-1 Resolution HSU : 0.1 % K : 0.01 m-1 RPM : Piezo Type (1 RPM), Battery / Vibration (10 RPM) Oil Temperature : 1° Celsius RPM (Optional) Piezo : 0 to 6000 RPM Battery : 0 to 8000 RPM Magnetic : 0 to 6000 RPM Oil Temp (Optional) 0 to 150° Celsius Accuracy HSU : ± 00.5% K : ± 0.1 m-1 Display 16X4 Liquid Crystal Display Input Method 6 Keys Membrane keyboard Warm Up Time ≤ 10 Minutes Auto Zeroing ≤ 15 Seconds Printer (Optional) Thermal Printer Dimensions (L) 240 mm X (W) 215 mm X (H) 182 mm Weight 6 Kilo Grams Operating Temp. -5° Celsius to 55° Celsius Power Requirement 140 to 260 Volts AC (50 Hz), 65 Watts Standard Accessories Smoke Meter Unit, Power Cord, Communication Cable, Sampling Probe, Sampling Pipe, Remote Handheld Unit, PC Software, User Manual True 1491140306
PUC MACHINE 4 GAS ANALYSER INR 175000 INR 175000 PUC MACHINES. Gas Analysers We are one of the most prominent and established company manufacturing and supplying PUC machines in India, We have supplied over 600 units over last 8 years and due to our premium quality and best after sales service customers prefer us over our competitors. Our puc machines are ARAI approved as per Government norms and regulation. Air visor 4 gas analyser. The AVG-500, 5 Gas Analyzer developed by AIRVISOR TECHNOLOGIES is best product in it’s class. Due to its latest technology and spares used for its development, it becomes a product which never been introduced in Indian market. Dual Head pump provides faster response time for gas sampling. While automatic drain facility ensures the vapor separation from the exhaust sample. Multi display pages offers user to switch between pre-configured measurement items on each page, it offers user to select either big font size display page or all gases in a single page, another page provided to have a look on Oil Temp, Corrected CO, AFR, PEF, RPM. AVG-500 is designed using “CAP3030 NDIR Gas Bench” manufactured by CAPELEC-France. 1. Scope The AVG-500 is intended to use for measurement of emission gases i.e. Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydro-Carbons, Oxygen through tail pipe of internal combustion engines running on fossil fuels like Petrol / CNG / LPG. Proper filtration of exhaust sample is recommended during measurements. 2. Usage Conditions The AVG-500 is designed to use within range of 160 volts to 250 volts AC at 50/60 Hz frequency. Using beyond these specifications may cause serious damage of power supply unit. To ensure prevention of electrical shocks, proper earth in power supply is required. The equipment is designed for indoor and outdoor usage keeping in mind that equipment should be used in a well ventilated and shaded place. Use of the equipment in rainy and misty conditions will require regular inspection of water separator unit to ensure proper drain of condensation. Due to sensitive parts used in this equipment, it is required to operate by a trained operator only. The equipment should be strictly opened / serviced by a qualified service engineer because it contains corrosive materials which may lead to serious injuries. The equipment must not be used with soiled or damaged filters which may cause dust contamination in sample line and lead to major break downs. Periodic maintenance of the equipment should be carried out in timely manners as specified in General Maintenance section. AVG-500 Specifications Measured Components Gas Channel Range Resolution Hydrocarbon (Hexane) Carbon Monoxide Carbon Dioxide Oxygen NOX (Optional) Lambda AFR 0 to 15000 ppm 0 to 15 % 0 to 20 % 0 to 25 % 0 to 5000 ppm 0.500 to 3.500 7.90 to 27.60 1 ppm 0.001 % 0.01 % 0.01 % 1 ppm 0.001 00.01 Principle CO, HC & CO2 (Non Dispersive Infrared) O2 & NOX (Electrochemical) Accuracy Hydrocarbon Carbon Monoxide Carbon Dioxide Oxygen ± 12 ppm Vol. ± 0.06 % Vol. ± 0.40 % Vol. ± 0.10 % Vol. Response Time ≤ 15 Sec. for Final Values Repeatability ± 1% of First Sample Value Auto Zeroing ≤ 20 Seconds (Performs automatically at every measurement cycle) Warm-Up Time ≤ 5 Minutes Sample Flow Rate 4 Liters / Minute Fabrication Full Metal Body Keyboard 6 Keys Membrane Keyboard Display 128 X 64 Dots (Graphical LCD) Optional Accessories RPM (Inductive) RPM (Battery) RPM (Magnetic) Oil Temp. Printer 0 to 6000 RPM 0 to 9999 RPM 0 to 9999 RPM 0 to 120 ◦C Epson T-81 (Thermal) Power Requirements Supply Type Voltage Range Load AC (50/60 Hz.) 160 to 250 Volts 65 Watts Communication RS232 (Serial) for PC Connection Dimensions (L) (W) (H) Weight 7 Kgs. Operating Conditions Temperature Range : 0 to 50 Degree Celcius Atmospheric Pressure : 700 to 1150 mBar Humidity : 0 to 90% (Non-Condensing) Standard Accessories Gas Sampling Probe, Sampling Pipe, Leak Test Cap, Communication Cable, Spare Fuse, Spare Dust Filter. 1. AC 220 V : Input of 110 to 220 Volts AC (50/60 Hz) 2. RS232 : Output for PC Connection 3. Printer : Output for Thermal Printer 4. Oil Temp. : Connection of Oil Temperature Sensor 5. Tacho / Vibration : Input of RPM Measurement Device 6. Inductive RPM : Connection Port for Inductive RPM 7. Gas Inlet : Input Port for Exhaust Sample 8. Calibration : Input Port for Calibration Gas 9. Drain Out : Discharge of Water from Sample 10. Drain In : Input of Separated Water for pump 11. Gas Out : Discharge of Measured Sample 12. Water Separator : Device for Separation of Water from Sample Gas True 1491140150
HIGH PRESSURE WATER JET MACHINE INR 85000 INR 85000 high pressure Car washer Model WaterGate Auto One manufactures high pressure washer for BIKE, CARS, LCVS, HCVS ETC. Watergate pressure washer is true pressure washer available in the market and is the most highly acclaimed machine in terms of sturdiness and quality. This washer is made after stringent quality tests thereby guarantying performance. These Watergate high pressure washers are made with heavy duty triplex crankshaft pumps of optimum toughness and durability. Introduction. Watergate high-pressure piston pumps by AUTO-ONE are positive displacement crankshaft high pressure pumps which incorporates 3 ceramic pistons and high quality seats and seals. These high pressure washers are coupled directly on to the motor shaft for direct power with high torque, this makes sure that the machines work smoothly with a steady supply of motor force. Watergate pumps are designed and built for the pumping of clean fresh water or water with a low percentage of commonly used detergents, up to a temperature of 65°C. watergate washer pumps are designed to be used in Automobiles, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries Features and specifications Water gate pumps are manufactured in configuration of 6 different models. These models have different pressure and power specification. These heavy duty washers are made in different models with pressure ranging from 120 bars to 200 bars with power ratings of 3 phase and 1 phase using motors from 3 hp to 5 hp @ 1450 RPM and water delivery ranging from 10 to 15 L/M depending on the type of pump and motor used These pumps incorporate an unloader valve with a bypass system and a regulator for maximum safety and adjusting the pressure to desired levels. It also consists of pressure switch which makes sure that the pump stops working whenever the trigger is released during idle condition. It consists on a chemical injector to apply soap on the Surface to be cleaned. It comes with 10 meter standard high pressure hose with 600mm lance and a nozzle. (Optional: foam lance/ extra hose pipe and underbody Lance) All 3 phase machines comes with a motor starter and for single phase machine tripper has to provide by the customer. Model Max pressure Working pressure FLOWRATE L/M US GPM RPM MOTOR HP MOTOR KW. WGH1231 120BARS 100BARS 12 2.6 1450 3h 1Ø 2.2 WGH1233 120BARS 100BARS 12 2.6 1450 3h 3Ø 2.2 WGH1533 150BARS 120BARS 12 2.2 1450 3h 3Ø 2.2 WGH2035 200BARS 170BARS 12 2.6 1450 5h 3Ø 3.8 PLEASE NOTE: machine can also be made as per customer’s special needs and requirements as per customer’s requirements specifications. True 1491139560
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